1. Ravendust

    Valve/Steam Hacked And Held Hostage

    A hacker known as MaddoxX has hacked into Valve's Steam database, gaining information from account/credit card details to bank statements, as an anti-Steam message. After posting his success on the Steam forum (only for it to be deleted by the mods there time and time again, cover-up) he posted...
  2. Kama

    KK, to ESF

    I used to do mini comics on the DMZ forums, I posted this one, based on my experience with the ESF modification, there awhile ago, it had a good reaction. So I decided to try it here, if you guys like it I may do more. Or show my past ones... which don't relate to ESF but I still enjoy. So enjoy!
  3. Jaredster

    ok..ok..this may have been asked alot

    Ok...this may of been asked alot. Is there any setup files for Worldcraft so i can make ESF maps?