1. G

    Hehehe MY BDAY !!!

    hehe its ma bday today :cool:
  2. Z

    I'm baaaaaccckkkkk hehehe

    ok you guy's today is my 17th birthday and'this is my 1000th post ^_^ so this is kindof a double celibration hehe so im gona show you a model of mine i have bin working on the last few day's (mid term exams are finaly over ^_^) ok so this is a sasuke model i have bin working on for the last 2...
  3. Bryggz

    For those who were waiting for a certain gotenks pack....good news is on the way

    TOTAL CONVERSION IS IMMINENT!!! OKAY credits!!!! S-bolt- for ssj2 gohan hair and arms Xstortionist- chest/lower torso Ssj3 HAIR and JACKET and compilation of model pieces- me, Bryggz :-) Azn- Sash (made from his gohan's bandanna) Final edits/Cleaning up of model/compilation of the...
  4. Halorin

    A Trunks Model Question

    Is there any way I could use a Trunks model that doesn't have his sword and have him use the animations of him without the sword and just regular melee? I don't care if people mysteriously gib for no reason, but I really miss the Armor Trunks models.
  5. S

    my last model...?

    is this my last model mabey..................NOT heres a piccoloi made just a bit ago with the body of the gohan. credits to smo orig gohan maker orig piccolo maker and s bolt. heres a pic. its done and need a host. same with my gohans
  6. M

    WHAM BAM! thank you Smo

    just abit of HARDCORE action.. tehy dont look 2 enthusiastic or woteva.. but meh.. plus they looked skwashed... and hands arent skinned.. nifact y did I even post this Oo
  7. P


    Gackt from a band called Malice Mizer...
  8. M

    looking for models

    where could i find varius models of ssj3 goku, piccolo, and trunks? I would like working links pls.
  9. S


    hi i'm new but i'm wondering as i was getting into skins and stuff and i'm wondering if someone could make a gogeta and gogeta level 4 skin as it would be really cool for the game:)
  10. G

    Perfect cell

    Ive heard theres a perfect cell out? But i cant find it! post it here:yes:
  11. M

    milkshape3d edits

    how do you edit the models for esf? i have milkshape 3d but i can only open MS3d files. how do you open mdl files with milkshape3d?
  12. T

    Crack Killz *CG*

    yea another little thing i did.... took me like 40 mins or some****... im going to make some more and post them when i got the time.... my inspiration was my herion attik uncle....
  13. Z


    hmmmmm Well i cant find any good maps REALLY GOOD!! like i want some new maps ive already got about 20 maps! so anybody who can tell me where to find some new maps Really big,cool,very cool maps????? SDBZ maps RULEZ!!! check...