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    HEEEEEEELP me please with sounds

    Hey can anyone help me how to put sounds in esf i recently download from esf world a ss3 goku sound :D can someone please tell me how to put it in it would be much helpful and can ss3 sounds work on ss1? please help me i thank u very very much indeed ..... Regards gOtRunKz:D
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    :cry: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i play this game u know .... i got 2 question's 1 i cant enter a server something wrong with my dll. or something so who can send me the map dll on msn .... 2nd *nooby question* how do i transform...
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    Milkshape help

    i juss figured out how to use milkshape 3d and my trial expired SHIT sumone heeeeeeelp in ne way, gimme advice or sumthin i cant find one on kazaa or morpheus :(:(:(:(:(