1. Epoq

    Omg....what the heck, site is screwed

    This sucks, whats going on, it says Im forbidden ?
  2. Kuyuaga

    What The Heck

    Okay.....I have been postin and stuff but my posts are stil at 14!!! Every time I post it stays at 14, what hell am I doing wrong!?
  3. P

    ermm what the heck?

    whats up with the post counts? last time i came on here i had 261 (about 2 or 3 weeks ago) now i have lost 100, has it happaned to other people? or is it a plot to weaken me? (mwahahhahaha)
  4. K

    New BG maker

    I've been foolin around and have started making backgrounds for people and I am now offering my services. Please do not just ask for one for the heck of it. Only if you are TRULY interested in trying to make your own sig. I will make sigs but I don't have a lot of time. Here are a few samlpes...