1. DiebytheSword

    So, who'd be interested in hearing me sing on Rock Band?

    Before I invest a ton of energy into doing things the right way here, who would be interested in me posting Rock Band videos in which I sing the **** out of some rock? If there is enough interest, I'll post the vid's to Youtube and link them here. This would require me reinstalling my HD...
  2. Tsunami

    Jack Thompson Walks Out Of Hearing

    http://snagwiremedia.com/consolepatrol/2008/06/jack-thompson-walks-out-on-hea.html Guy needs to be locked up in an asylum.:laff:
  3. S

    Trouble with hearing the sounds!

    Whenever I activate the scouter, there is no noise, and whenever I transform, there isn't any noise either. I know there is noise because I went to play it at his house. So what's the problem with my computer?! Can anybody help me get some sound!?
  4. Mr. Satans

    Map Changes For ESF v1.1b

    I remember hearing from Hibiki and other people on the forums that the current ESF v1.0b maps won't work with [b]ESF v1.1[b], why? Will the entity names change or something?
  5. E


    if Any 1 can make me a brolli skin and get him put in the beta 2 i would so apreatiate it and i know alot of people would contact me at AIM SN - cavemankenshin
  6. Y

    Tien in ESF?

    Does this mean that tien might be in future ESF realeses?