1. Sting

    AMXX - New Special: Healing (beta)

    This new special is for ECX users only. I guess I am wrong here but maybe still a few ECX players left here. This is my first ever created special for ecx on my own so it still contain bugs. This special looks a lot like Piccolo's Healing in evm but bring it back to ECX and the full release...
  2. Rikmaru

    Natural Healing

    how about add some kind of natural healing if the player dont move for some seconds? cause i dont like to see that just Buu can heal itself =(
  3. SS4 Gogeta

    Self Healing Rubber

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/7254939.stm YES! no more broken elastics ..........Ok o_o
  4. D


    They should take the medkit things from half-life and make them into a healing Chamber like they have it when Gokus healing in it and make it so you can blow it up with the person in it if you find them :laff:
  5. Avenger

    Healing Idea

    Basically, I have an idea on how the fighters can heal. If they charge for 10-15 seconds continuously without stopping, they will begin to regain health.. Slowly of course.. But perhaps like this: Goku has 37 health after his battle with Piccolo -> He starts charging and keeps it charged for 10...
  6. Majin Pool

    The healing idea

    I've been Esf for a while, and i can't seem to find those darn sensu beans. So have been thinking, and this only could work in the team mode. Lets say every team has a healer, Good has Dende, he can heal people. And Evil should have a machine, wich will have babadi, who can heal the people...
  7. S

    Healing Suggestion?

    Well i know that buu is the only one who can heal himself in the game, and the beans you need to find heal you right up but they are not on every map and it kind of bad when u have like 2 health and there is no way to heal yourself. So here is my Suggestion why dont u add a guy into the game...
  8. Ranma

    Is Photoshop 7 worth it?

    I have Photoshop 6. I noticed alot of people around here use Photoshop 7. I was wondering is 7 ALOT better then 6? Or are they about the same? What does 7 have that 6 doesn't? EDIT* lol thanks for moving it Firefly, i was going to put it in artwork, but i thought people would considered it...
  9. V3g3t@


    i think it would be handy to have a king kai or dende in some maps to heal you or get items of like armor senzu beans and stuff greetz [email protected]
  10. Whitecrab

    Will there be healing characters (i.e. Dende) eventually?

    Sorry if it's come up B4, but I wanna be sure. Are characters with healing abilities being planned for ESF down the road? Example with Spoilers to Frieza Saga: Like Dende, the little Namek kid, was very weak but had the ability to heal the Z fighters of their wounds during the battle with...