1. Vengaurd

    Fixed the beam pack

    im sure you guys had noticed...but i wonder why none of you told me about it... ;( ...in the bigger beam pack all the beam heads were pixely and had wight squares around them. this has been fixed and the trails are all now bigger. see sig for website
  2. X

    Tip,its possible to make a normal-ssj-ascendant transformation

    It's all about animating. for example,reanimete goku,and put the ssjhead in the body,then when animating let it pop out,and then he turns ssj3. So u have like 2 transformations in 1,that means u get the power as ssj etc,but ssj3 skin. This way u can do normal-ssj-ssj3,but u cant stay...
  3. M


    I started this thred coz' i belive a beam musn't be incolor(to see throw it) and look at the show ........ and even if i've alredy requested this and even if was alredy requested i belive the beams heads should be bigger , yes and about the model that i wanted to ask you guys .... haw about the...
  4. S

    Were can i DL the following??

    does any one no were i can download a ssj2 goku.. an ussj trunks. i realy wish to play these 2! can any one help me??:scared: (for esf)
  5. Morrone

    Request: Battle Training Saiyan Armor

    I'd like to see Goku and Gohan models with the same saiyan armor Trunks and Vegeta have. Ya know the ones Bulma made for them to use in the HBTC. I dont think it would be that hard (then again im not a modeler) but I would assume all you would have to do is reduce the Trunks and/or Vegeta models...
  6. D

    New Trunks model.

    Hi we made an new Trunks model its not finisht yet but its coming Close. The skinning is allmost done, only animations left. here are some pics.
  7. S

    Some ESFers were raised by Crack Heads

    It has come to my attention that certain little ****s are attacking when people are powering up. I'm sorry, have you ****kickers no honor. what kind of prat attacks someone when they cannot defend themselves? Have you not seen the ****in show? You dont attack when a man powers up. its not...
  8. E

    Trunks Heads

    Imma prob model all the trunks heads heres what i got so far! http://sos.fpsmods.com/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=16149
  9. I

    Trunks........the fusion is done^_^

    here is my trunks peeps....just finished head...and **** trunks!!!!!!!!!!!model!!!!!!!!
  10. S

    Greatest Picture Ever!

    hahahahah check this ish out...funniest picture ever http://tweak.8k.com/images/flinger2.gif total of like 20 frames and about half an hours work
  11. T

    dablack goku and a black d00d model(heads)

    http://dynamic4.gamespy.com/~bidforpower/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=124066 http://dynamic4.gamespy.com/~bidforpower/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=124110 check therm both out!!!!!!!!! and give some comments
  12. E

    Krillin Model

    800 polys, WIP, plz critisize....its my 4th character model
  13. xstortionist

    Finally!! Perfect Cell is Finished

  14. G

    The head of a model

    Should I make my own head poly by poly, or alter a sphere or geosphere??? Please respond I would really like to know.
  15. imported_Mirai_Trunks

    Makin a model

    Just letting you know i'm doing a model for gohan ( or anyone when i change the heads). When i'm done i will post some pics. Its not to good but i'm gettin better!!