1. Snowm@n

    Head-on Idea

    I made an advanced search on the suggestions thread and didnt find any idea like this one, so I hope i'm right. (I'm saying this because this is a simple suggestion and many people could've remembered it easaly) So here it goes: When you make a head-on independently of no one winning that...
  2. Disguise

    Ki Ball stun and Head-On Swoops

    I think if you're hit with a ki ball attack, it should stun you very briefly; If anything, just enough to stop a swoop. It would give some strategy and usefulness in using it I think, especially if you're looking to throw something in there to avoid head-ons. Since you can swoop and charge...
  3. K

    How i make combos without headon ??

    How i make combos without headon ??
  4. S

    Headon Fix

    Ok when two people collide in a head on they both hit eachother and sit there for .5 secs. Then whoever presses Melee again the fastest will get the hit.' You cannot press it until the 5 secs are up or you will delay time for yourself giving the other person the hit.
  5. F

    Defeating the Head-on style

    As we all know, head-on melee is growing in popularity with each passing day. What are your strategies to defeat it? I'm curious to know.
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