1. john_volkov

    Is ESF heading in the right direction?

    I was wondering what dose the public think about the progres of the mod ,is ESF 1.3 all that you had hope? even though it's not complete finish , What do you think so far about ESF?
  2. Mistery X

    Freeza Form 1 WIP, SC...

    still a wip
  3. D


    i cant find out how 2 make a waterfall, and i searched, looked at the stickies (so close i could :laff: ), and i know there is a tut. out there sumwhere, but where is it:confused: :confused: :confused:
  4. Q

    My new project

    My New Image well I just finished a cool pic that I was working on (well i think its cool anyways) tell me what u think everyone<br>