1. Skyrider

    External HDD USB & eSATA issues

    I'll just copy/paste it: Some extra: Would love to know if anyone knows an answer / solution :). External HDD Type: WD My Book
  2. Skyrider

    External HDD Pendrive? issues & Windows 7

    Hey guys, For some odd reasons, when I attached my External HDD to my newly installed Windows 7 it changed every single External partition I had in to PENDRIVES as you can see here below: G & H are my Data & Backup partitions. For some odd reasons, in Windows XP they were normal partition...
  3. Skyrider

    Looking for a good External HDD

    I'm looking for a good External HDD that i'll be using for myself only. I never really had any nor I had the use for it until now. I was wondering if you guys know a good one: Specifications: - 1TB (I don't want more, nor less unless the higher one is cheaper) - Not much sound (Thus silent) -...
  4. Skyrider

    Looking for External HDD & RAM

    I'm looking for a good 160GB to 200GB External HDD with the price range of 20 to 40 euro (25 to 50 dollars). Anyone that can pin point me to a name so I can look it up and buy it online? This is generally mostly for my dad so he can save up his files. I'm also looking for some RAM to put in...
  5. Skyrider

    XP Blue screen when switching BIOS HDD to SATA

    I was unable to install XP as it couldn't detect the sata HDD, thus I changed the SATA in BIOS to PATA. After the installation, I wanted to switch it back to SATA.. but xp keeps having blue screens. Now, Understanding because I never installed the SATA drivers. I attempted to install the sata...
  6. Tsunami

    External HDD driving me crazy

    My Western Digital My Book is causing me a bunch of headaches. I've had it for at least 1.5 years, and with the last half a year its causing problems when writing to the drive. My drive bugs out when writing anything larger than 2GB. If its anything over 2GB my drive hangs and I can't view it...
  7. DJ-Ready

    ntfs hdd -> xp to win2000

    Allright ... I have an old comp (secondary one, my mom and sister mostly use that one) with xp installed and wanted to replace that one with a slightly faster one but with win2k installed. Both comps work perfectly fine but when I try to plug the "old" secondary hdd (300gb, ntfs) from the winxp...
  8. dan_esf_fanatic

    Want to get a new HDD, don't know if it will work on my PC.

    So here it is, short. I want to get a new HDD, but all I can find is Serial ATA disks, and I think that my current Maxtor HDD has an IDE port. Is it somehow possible to make it compatible with SATA, or will I have to find an IDE after all?
  9. M

    NEW 700 GB server (60 gb hdd) $ 99

    Hi all... I have found a verry good website where you can get a server with 700 GB Bandwidth and 60 GB hdd and a plesk control panel and all the usuall stuff... this is the site: http://www.rackshack.net/english/all.asp and i was thinking about the third server (Intel Celeron 1.3 512MB...
  10. S

    hey cheak these sprites i have edtored

    i have done some edits of some sprites ! take a look! *edit* dam i carnt get my pictures loaded up from my comp i will try again later