1. A


    What program i need to use to create a mode(simple to use)
  2. L

    problem haw do i make a waterfall

    Hi i need somome to give me info in haw to make a waterfall ? can somone help me
  3. M


    I started this thred coz' i belive a beam musn't be incolor(to see throw it) and look at the show ........ and even if i've alredy requested this and even if was alredy requested i belive the beams heads should be bigger , yes and about the model that i wanted to ask you guys .... haw about the...
  4. Akhkaru

    UV Maps

    Vassago, LW7 UV Maps Ok, I wanna learn to skin, and I think I have a slight clue... But I really need to know haw to do the UV map thingies...