1. BloodWraith

    Atleast I won't hav to kill the Punisher... :> ok ESF time

    Since they're taking so long to make 1.3 im sure its going to b gud. Apart from lv 2 tranformations, what other cool stuff r they gna add? new maps, chars...any ideas? P.S Im not fully gud...i stil have Rage and my normal evilness :D
  2. (SS2S) Kakorot

    These are maps that hav ALREADY BEEN MADE

    Soz but i dont know how to properly stickie things or if it is just a optioon only moderators and admins can do. but these are the maps that have already been made. Bi0 Brolli - ape_arena Bi0 Brolli - ape_city Bi0 Brolli - ape_coliseum Bi0 Brolli - ape_foreshadow Bi0 Brolli -...
  3. PsychoUSJ

    i hav install ESF steam pack but....

    but my steam wont see my ESF?in which folder i have to install it?in the ESF or steam folder and which datas i have to switch to the STEAM Folder...this is a question you've heard a lot i thinkk but PLEASE HELP ME:)
  4. N

    Vegeta Model

    So far i have frontal torso done heres some pics crits plz. I used MSpaint to cut out the torso area of the ref pic i used to give you an idea on how a scartch skin will work for it :)
  5. S

    big final flash

    have you a sprite big final flash to download please :laff: sorry im french my english is quite good
  6. S

    ToOn G0Ku!

    credits -Goku- Model: Vassago Skin: Vassago i made this edit a while back and i thought i would post some pics ^_^ sorry for the bad pic its the host (any one wanna help me find a new one?) yes he is cell shded but u cant really tel by the bad pic crits are welcome but dont spame...
  7. N


    New here, lo everyone, heres a splash me and my m8 made, its abstract, hope u enjoy. cheers.
  8. Lethal_Vegetto

    This has probibly already been asked but

    When will the GOOD Gotenks be released for esf??? I must get it!!! Please tell me when its being released. Thx
  9. I


    hello, i would like to start doing some wallpaper and cool stuff and i want to know what 3d progs r u useing?
  10. G

    Goku GT and SSj4 MODells.

    Well, I have been looking for the sometime now . And I wonder if anyone got a good place I can download GT goku, and ssj4 Goku .. That's all , thanks . EDIT: THe grown up Gt Goku, not the kid .
  11. D

    High Lands (Help)

    Can someone please post a WORKING link to the ESF Alpha map called High Lands? The one @ RedSaiyan does not work, so dont tell me to go there, if you cannot find a link could you send it via email to [email protected] Thanks alot guys! :)
  12. G

    Does nebody know how to make maps

    can ne1 tell me if they can make a map, im getting bored of the 1s i have
  13. suicidal_maniac

    Behold Teh Siggyness!!!

    New Sig. I want some crits and i wanna know if i should keep my current one or switch to this one.
  14. Es_Trunks2

    PSD to BMP

    how do i make a adobe photoshop image be a BMP (PSD:notice: BMP) its already itno indexed colros now how do i make this a BMP image? **EDIT** Hey plz dont move this to fanart or artwork it isnt its about skinnin so dont close/move this mods :p
  15. Big Kyle

    Perfect Frieza

    Just Seeing If Anyone Is Gunna Or Plan to Make One. Since I Havnt Seen a Frieza Request Here
  16. Mewtwo

    4th sig in 6 weeks

    Man I have to stop changing my sigs so often, it's just that my friend (known on the forums as meggedo) told me my old one was bad. so here's my latest sig. What do you all think?
  17. T

    Somebody please make a ssj2 vegeta

    with the spikey hair like mr smos and AZN..... man i wish they released them Ive tried a ton of times to make him but i cant... can somebody try please? http://www.angelfire.com/tv/Sayians3003vegeta2/ssj2vegeta07.jpg http://www.angelfire.com/tv2/dragonballstuff3/ssj2vegeta25.jpg
  18. freeportpretz22

    Does anyone have a SSJ Goku?

    Does anyone know where I can find a SSJ, 2, or 3 of Goku? Please let me know!
  19. V

    Goku ssj 3?

    Can someone make Goku ssj 3 battle Damage I'll thank you if you can make it! :) :) :)
  20. DaKD

    New mirror

    i got a new mirror site for my downlaods its on my main site tehers a link