1. ultrassj_vegeta

    Hardest player you ever fought

    Name the hardest person you ever fought, someone you couldn't ever kill either because they hacked or were just -that damn good- For me, nobody, I owned back in my days. :p
  2. Suh Dude

    Hardest player you ever fought, and have killed him.

    Well, the hardest player I ever fought was Mr. Satan, in his own server. I acually killed him 3 times, exept he killed me 18 blabla times.. Man he was damn hard. I couldn't even get a inch by him. Damn those teleporters. ;( Tell us your hardest player you ever fought, and acually killed...
  3. Raven Blade

    Hardest Game? Funniest game?

    What is the hardest game you have ever played?, heres a few games that owned me... (or just parts in games you found hard) + Which was the funniest game you ever played? --------HARD GAMES-------- - Super Ghouls and Ghosts Snes Man that game was hard, it sucked how even though you had...
  4. X

    The Hardest Boss in any 2D Fighter...

    Who do you think is the hardest boss in a 2D Fighter? My vote goes out to Goenitz and Igniz, the biggest pain in the asses in the whole world...
  5. D

    Whats hardest for you in ESF.

    The hardest thing for me in this game is keeping my mouth shut when someone is doing considerably better then me and kills me like a ragdoll cuz of his/her ping, and it annoys me when they refuse to think so, i mean.. duh do you really think im jus gunna stand/float there when you swoop at me...
  6. X

    The hardest game EVER (FRUSTRATING AS HELL)

    Good luck trying to beat me record. I got 17 seconds http://mirrored.flabber.nl/dodge/ What your supposed to do is hold the red box, and avoid touching the others when they begin to move. Also try not to touch the outer area covers in black, you'll lose for leaving that spot. Heres a...
  7. X

    Metal Gear Solid 3 - The Hardest of the Series?

    How many people here think MGS3 will be hard? If any of you had read Articles and seen the Trailers and whatnot, the game sounds pretty hard. I think it'd take me about two weeks to beat it D: For one, you dont have the Soliton Radar. Second, the AI is way more improved and there will be...
  8. MasterTrix

    Hardest 2 beat

    Hey, I think I knowdest EvilBuu is the hardest charac to defeat ... avarage player that is. Because he's so fast ... Am I right? EvilBuu or SSJ Vegeta. Now I think Buu his PL is way to high when you begin .... Compared to Gohan .... oh Well, I tried to defeat that guy :) I could sometimes, but...
  9. D

    new Can Ya help meh ?!?

    yo im a 3D modeller i model for a mod for UT2k3, gundam mod called Gundam World, anywayz i alwayz done mecha and i want to do humanz they are hard lol, im aksing for tuts or any tips guyz can give me. i use max 4 and 5 and skin too. im me at dkreper232323 on aim peace thank u
  10. A

    Kaiyo Model

    http://wayofthesamurai.netfirms.com/Kfull.jpg yea thats the finished version of the DBZ style Kaiyo model, but yea I still got a lil' work to do, skin, UVW map weld a few vertices, but im juss about done the modelling part, tell me what you think...
  11. S

    Hardest mod ever

    its called half-quake. ill post the url that works later but you can find urself if you want. i want peaple to read the review. heres a snippet: 2 good snippets, heres both in sequential order (damn pnumonia) heres the url clicky!
  12. G

    the improved model

    heres my model and I really REALLY! want to know something. well first give me some feedback, second when i make a model should i make like vegeta's suit jut out or trunks jacket or should i just do that with the skin? I would really really! like to know please tell me.
  13. Hibiki

    and god said...

    LET THERE BE ART! ^note^ this is an imcompleat ssj6 gohan pic.. i didnt make these but a friend of mine did...