1. Q

    My ESF is hanging during gameplay with bots

    And I have one problem with ESF. When I play with bots usually after an houre the game is hanging; stoping. Is that some kind of error?
  2. V

    freeza disk hanging around to long.

    when you charge up a freeza disk and throw it and then switch to another weapon, the disk will impact the side of the map and wont go away. i haven't tried this with more than one disk to see if i could cause any ill effects to the other people playing but i assume that i could cause a drop in...
  3. A

    kid buu

    hey people i wanted to ask u , all umodellers skinners what so ever , if any1 is making a kid buu now cuz i see alot of ssj's and other models bu nobody does buu models , so i just wanted to ask if some1 is making a buu model and yes ! i searchedthe forum's but buu is a 3...
  4. Neros

    Error: entity 0, brush 5....Help

    This thing have been bugging the hell out of me...:devil: ;( :\ :devil: When i try to compile it says: Error: entity 0, brush 5 and then som numbers that show where the error is, but i cant fin it. I tryed to delete all walls, floors....ecept the sky, start points and lights. And the...
  5. I

    Gohan pimpage!!!!!( beta btw)

    heeeey done my torso and leggs...torso need a hell lot of tweaks i know..but just check what i have now [4 pics!!!!] theehee...gimme feedback or check www.ic0nz.tk