1. Skyrider

    XP Autorun function no longer works + possible handy dandy software?

    For some reason, the XP Autorun feature/function is no longer working when connecting USB devices such as a camera, MP3 player, etc. The weird thing is that it is enabled when I checked the XP functions, so I have no idea why it doesn't work anymore. So.. Any idea how to solve/fix this? I've...
  2. Skyrider

    Handy Dandy AMXX Server Plugins Req.

    Alright, i'll keep this request quite simlpe. Its not really a request for a plugin, but more like a question. I'm rather asking for a few plugins that increase server performace, and plugins that are really handy to have on a server WITHOUT that it decreases server performance, or increase the...
  3. PiXel

    POst your Handy :O

    :O :O :O :O :O HANDY ALARM! VIBRATION WORKING! post yo handy ....here´s my old one i used like 1 day ago: Only light blue color instead of this *** red color.. and now i get :O 2 megapixel, due memory stick, mp3 player , video player (hope so im not sure), and and and :P
  4. Nuttzy

    temp thread - please ignore [grOOvy]

  5. N

    Milkshape help

    Just dled it, im followin a tut but i need sum direct help. If sumone could hit me up on aim TwoSly72 or msn [email protected] i'd be eternally gr8ful. I'll delete this post after i get help :)
  6. U

    Non-Battle Damaged Gohan Model

    I've been searching the forum for a link to a site with AzN's non-battle damaged gohan model, but all I can find are the battle damaged variety or the red suit version. Could anyone give me a link to it. Thank you for any help.
  7. DaKD

    Sayin armor Set-Goku Gohan &Trunks

    Im doing a set of Goku Gohan and Trunks in sayin training armor(like vegetas) and ive already done trunks and am moving to goku. Note Dont think im gonna jsut use vegetas body lol for each one im going to redo thier proportions let me know if u guys think this is a crappy idea! thnx
  8. xstortionist

    Basemodels for Da beginners and Learners!!!!!!

    I've had some spare time on my hands so I thought I would make a basemodel for everybody that was interested in learning 3D modeling or anybody that was a beginner and wanted to use the model as a reference to look at while modeling. I encourage everybody that wants to learn 3D modeling to look...
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