1. ShadyD

    Tutorial: Modeling low poly hands (3dsmax)

    Sigh, i feel lazy... I am writing this while doing this myself so bare with me im only human oh well. Lets use Ravensofts' hands as a ref. http://img67.imageshack.us/img67/1626/reference3zq.jpg now than.. grab a smoke or a coke cuz this is one long tut. lets set up our refs. that pic is 640...
  2. TRSS

    hands are hard

    does anybody have a good "easy" way to model hands becaus the way im doin it is way to hard
  3. Mr. Phonso

    Just some hands for a hl2 map..

  4. Tassadar

    Man destroys leopard with his bare hands.

    This is insane. I wish someone could have taped it. Badass of the year right here: http://iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=68&art_id=qw1119446101927B232 Just in case any number of you forgot what a leopard is.
  5. Phatslugga

    Wow... someone has too much time on his hands...

    http://page.freett.com/538/ Check the first movie, it's sick. The other ones are pretty cool too, but that first one ir just plain unbeleivable.
  6. S

    Half life 2, Hands in the air!

    According to gamespot, half life 2 can be held hostage for up to 6 months, sucks for all the hl2 fans if they do ;/. http://www.gamespot.com/news/2004/09/24/news_6108100.html
  7. M

    something awful got their hands on doom3..

    On Doom 3 My parents developed the behavior modification technique known as "Bibleman Submersion Therapy" around my eighth birthday. They would dunk me into the bathtub for thirty seconds, and as my head was briefly pulled up for oxygen, they would begin prophesying the future of Willie...
  8. PRJ

    Beam not attached to both hands while loading 2 handed beam attack's O_o

    well when i mean "2-handed beam attack's" is like the kamehameha when he shoots it with two hands not like generic beam when its just one hand,oh well i found this out when i was vegeta and i was loading a final flash and gallit gun,i could see that the little loading ball was a little bit away...
  9. Wangster


    well, i suck @ hands big time, so i made some pictures to practice my skills on hands, here they are, absolutely no refference used, exept for the base i used, i used my own hand to create a base for it. here they are: c&c?
  10. Bebi

    Okay then taking matter into my own hands

    Okay since i want to fix those two mp3's in the majin vegeta pack (Trans1 and scream1) fast then i got to do it myself. So what i'm asking is what are the requirements for a character sound file? (since i've tried converting it to wav. but no luck in it working)
  11. RaNger

    Hands! We all got em'... (well most of us)

    Hi, I want cool dust effects on the explosions. bye. J/k :laff: I was looking at the hands, and I see you went from mitten type ones that most mods have, to 3 fingerd (3 joint figers). You also go thrugh the trubble of animating the hands. I have looked at this problem for a long time...
  12. C

    New Art

    This is the first time I drew sumthing other than DBZ, and if you guys would like to see my DBZ artwork, just say so. I hate drawing hands :/ plz just try to give me sum good comments, but then also what I should try to improve on my artwork, since I never took any art class or anything...
  13. B

    EVM Promo Pics

    Here some Promo Pics all can use it (but never say its yours) I Want no Crits i only Post some EVM pics For ESF sites to post this use it or Look it :) No Edits or Ripps Allowed
  14. C

    Not a BFP rip

    I'm just trying to clear up any confusion about my model being a rip of the BFP one. The only parts that are not made from scratch by me are the hands and legs which were made by the esf team so credits go to them. The funniest claim, besides the head being from the BFP model, is that I just...
  15. S


    WHO HAVE LINKS GOOD MODELS EX:commando gyniu,mr satan,super piccolo,kaio,chibi gohan.....
  16. Nuttzy

    base model, thread #2

    well, i did some mroe work to hinm to accomodate more than just a gohan or goku, ill be making several new parts for this model, (multiperson gloves, boots, some accessories and what not so i can basically make any character from this base) the clothed one looks slightly buffer, which can...
  17. S

    my first poly by poly model

    this is my first poly by poly model. its a chibi trunks. triangles 164. heres a pic. critz?
  18. Z


    ok i need a skinner for my vegetrunks crits go to ned for the legs boots and the hands the rest i made
  19. Suh Dude

    What?Slim made a dark picture?comehere and look!

    this time crits?
  20. TeKNiK

    Grunge Tutorials?!

    Does anyone know where I can find some Really Good Grunge Tutorials 4 Photoshop?