1. The Deco

    How would you handle it?

    So what Zeo just told about doing the same thing to someone who annoyes you 10 times more interested me... How would you handle a situation when someone harrasses you, it could be from stealing your lunch money, to humilating you or even beat you up. Note: YOU CAN NOT USE THREATS OR...
  2. FreeDoM

    Wanting Aion trial..

    Has anyone been playing Aion for +3 months that can send me a friend request? you could possibly gain a free month, but i want to make sure my PC can handle it before I buy this. [email protected] Thanks =)
  3. KarrdeKNR

    HD Laptop TV tuner that can handle nextgen consoles?

    Ok, looks like I'm doing all my tech type stuff at once ;P I'll keep googling my soul away and maybe I'll find something too. Long story short, my laptop monitor is HD capable but I don't have a TV tuner. Looking for something that's an HD tuner and can take input from a PS3/360/etc. Just...
  4. Valeska

    Video-card, motherboard able to handle ?

    so i've got this motherboard, i know its spanish/france site but just search on google on the motherboard name. as for the question; would it be able to handle Geforce 8500. ive got 2045mb memory http://www.msimiami.com/spanish/products/detail_spec/K7N2-Delta2-Platinum_spa.htm
  5. K

    can i handle half life 2?

    i have a 2.4 ghz cpu with a gforce 4 mx 420 or somethin like that i dont exactly know anyway if this isnt good enough can some one tell me what i need and what it might cost me? thanks
  6. S


    does anyone no how many vertices or pollý´s or whatever a half-life model can have maximum, cause i made a model and it sez `` ERROR ``To many vertices`` please help, thnx already greatings: Ran-D
  7. N

    First model

    My first model its a gun model i made in max not to detailed but i will get it detailed soon about 70% complete what do you think?
  8. Tweek

    Majin Buu

    ..Keh i am in the process of makin a MAJIN BUU mdl 4 esf, a V V V detailed 1 at that :laff: and screen shots will b released soon ;D. this mdl will not b available 4 1.1 but in fact 1.2, and will b posted on redsaiyn the same week as 1.2 cums out :shocked: . this mdl as i said will b v...
  9. U

    Fusion bebi

    well this the evil fusion of all time :devgrin: [IMG] *Pic Removed* -grOOvy * Link pwned by Magus for not getting permission*
  10. S

    fusion gogeta! in need of animtors

    me and sexy r making animations for a goku and a vegeta. i made the skel for vegeta. when they trans theyll turn into gogeta we really need animators so we can get this done fast. heres a pic of what im talkin about
  11. S


    the first time i wsa actually serios about modeling somthing, and i didnt make the textures, i used the same photo i used for reference for them i know the tip of the blade is a ll messed up but other than that it seems fine to me as of now comments and crits please update below
  12. CyroTek

    question about poly limit

    i maked a model, well and i get it a lil bit too detailed, it´s about 2900, now my question, will it still work in esf?? or are there any bad effects, when it´s so high??
  13. P

    Dbz Needs More Characters!!!!

    Look Im going to ask something and please take it in to consideration, But maybe you already have.... esf needs more characters such as Brolli, Android 18, Raditz, Garlic Jr, Dr Gero, The Ginyu Force, Tein, Videl , Son Goten, Young Trunks , Dabura , yamcha and finally pan... im not saying just...
  14. X

    I Found a glitch on s2k_SnakeWay_v2 | READ |

    To who ever Made this map. Its great. But please see if you can fix this problem. I am putting this up before its too late and some lame ass decides to "Cheat". But if you play as Krillin (I haven't tried it with Freiza...) And you see enemies through the window in King Kai's House. And...
  15. N

    New Sword Renders

    WEll here is the second sword from musashi. sorry it took 2 days but i really only got about 1 hour free this whole time: *Hibiki* if ur gonna advertize u gotta pay for advertizeing fees
  16. E

    New Character

    Hey, Aaint done a character model for a while...anyway Ive been surfing a few art forums and just checking out some origional pics, and really liked this one by SSJ-Dan, seeing as i aint gonna release them i think its fine for me to try modelign them? anyway, here it is, i cant seem to check the...
  17. B

    More Car Photo Manips.

    My Edit:- Devianart Link Original:- Comments and Crits welcome. BrunO
  18. M

    All MilkShape can Handle

    YO heres a HIGH poly model that I made in MILKSHAPE 3D :], Its of Diablo. errr.. yeh couldnt finish it because MilkSHape couldn't Handle the poly count and froze my pc every time I opened it :P. It is ALL done with vertex manipulation. No shperes or boxes or cylanderas here foo's all l33+ plus...
  19. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    How to insert my Picture???

    can you tell me how to put my artwork in this page ? if possible in german:rolleyes: but it doesn´t matter if its in english:fight:
  20. NeOn LimiT

    Models to look at!

    Here is a site (by me) of models i been making. feel free to look around and find out more information on "more info". and tell me your opinions.im getting better. I am starting to skin my models and they are turning out well . please visit>>> 3dsolids -NeoN :p
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