1. M


    Not anything special, just played around.
  2. Robo_Killa

    haku O.o!

    welps i finally stoped playing meh mmorpg to finish up my haku model i started up a while back >.>, i kinda messed it up a bit... i drew the refs myself thats y XD. well heres wat i got so far. and a render >.> <.< C&c
  3. M


    i need some crits,cause i think the proportions aren't really good :]
  4. tha ssj4goku

    Haku Sig

    critz and comments greatly appreciated ... Greetz
  5. S

    Haku WIP

    Well heres my he/she/it model. Greetz Ran-D
  6. N

    my first wallpaper, Haku

    my first wallpaper.. for haku.. Name : in memories.. C&c ? greetz zabuza shinobi, Niracle
  7. I

    anova haku

    ill post the original drawing lata
  8. I


    i was suppose to draw his hand and some needles coming out of it... but that part didnt seem to wanna work well oh well, ill lineart it later