1. B

    EVM model Updates

  2. G

    Gohan wip model

    hmm here he is, please gimme your critz so i can make him better cause he is still wip ^^
  3. Logan4434

    improved Vegetto

    i tweaked Brollman's Vegetto to be a little more vegettoie so... comes with SSJ and cant see many of the changes in that pic.i also added some animations from Azn and the dl link:;D
  4. S


    how can I make good hairs on Milkshape 3D ?? Someone has a tutorial ?? Pleaz help me Sorry for my bad english 'cos I'm French :D
  5. A

    Vegeta gt + ssj4 Released

    Here is the ssj4 pack
  6. TehMuffinMan

    bebi vegeta reskin

    *cough* anyways, tell me wat u think! >>UPDATED PICCY<<<
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