1. S


    dis is assholllllllll hahahaahhaahahahah:talk: :talk: :talk: :talk: :talk: :tired: :p :)
  2. S

    hey kiddies! i got a background!

    hahaha well its just a joke background i made at 2am after a 12pack of mountain dew...boredom, a chemistry book, and a whole ****load of caffeine went into this one http://mkz.fragism.com/caffeinated.jpg
  3. K

    Seeing Host

    Just checking if this host works and I'll be back after Mid-Terms
  4. GLOsticks R Us

    SIG artwork sketch!~look~

    I not that good at making computer generated SIGs, so I decide to draw my own with some characters of my own I made up.. whatcha think? eh? hahahah- Pimp-o-matic, Kids Love It©:p -PEACE "GLO"