1. C

    hacking or not?

    ok me and a friend were talking..he said he could get a coder and recode ESF to make it more like 1.1..i told him that was a dumb idea simly because that would make it a diff type of game with diff codes which wouldnt allow the 2 diff games to play on the same server...because both werent "up to...
  2. S

    People Hacking?

    Man i swear people have hacks for this. Everytime I go into a melee duel where I am on offense, I push the the arrows and get a big list of combos and yet only a weak 1 hits and the rest are all dodged. And when I go into a Melee Tie up I always lose. Now I know how it works, You have to get as...
  3. D

    Is There Any Chance Of Hacking

    if you run a dedicated server is there any chance of that computer being hacked please could any one tell me
  4. B0Bmaster40000

    hacking wave?

    well like Hsu said, Red-Saiyan was hacked and is down. But its not the only site. Halflife.org was hacked and crashed aswell:( which is damn annoying cause i wanna put my site on there. But i just wanted to say that, and that i think that all webmasters should try to protect their site as well...
  5. p5yCh0


    ok... now lets get this straight... we all know how to type, correct? we all know how to move in ESF, correct? now why the f*ck was i called a hacker for, and i quote, "typing while moving, you cant do that!!"... damn 8 year olds... doesnt know the fine art of typing with one hand while the...