1. J

    the inevitable return of the great white H4X!!

    once again its time for me to pick up the ax and h4x some tunes. im taking requests, and from your requests ill put together a medley of about 5 t00nes so request away =]
  2. Valeska

    K1ll B1ll H4x !!11

    i made this, added the effects myself and didnt use any brushes. the stock of kill bill sword i made myself from the poster in my room. wich gave a cool effect taking the photo at night. also i decided to dont add a font since i'm bad at adding fonts. crits and comments very welcome !
  3. TeKNiK

    Random Penning h4x

    The pen tool, once my arch nemises, and myself have came to terms so to speak, or maybe I just learned how to use it. Thus, I've shifted my style from a abstract brushing style to teh Pen for teh win. ( Some of the lines are kinda pixelated for some reason, They weren't like that in...
  4. TeKNiK

    OMG h4x

    Kuwa made a new sig! OMFG! Using some of the new tricks I've learned . xD
  5. M

    Gogetta WIP

    so far, fat up the top from side on, thin on the bottom. 655 polies
  6. S

    Kappa owns!!

    Well, i got bored and I just bought a pair of Kappa pants and I was looking at the tag and got an idea... WHY NOT MAKE A SIG :D Well, I scanned the tag and I came up with.. :) Oh and I showed Fm on aim and he asked for an Ecko sig so here it is! :D Feedback please ;)