1. DarkVegetaESF

    I Need Help Guyz

    i want some help with esf openbeta.I installed it properly and when i start it it just wont load a lan game and it automatically closes after 20 secs it was opened without an error.Any suggestions?
  2. C

    consider this guyz

    hey guyz im prolly not the only one but 3 things bug me about esf. firstly theres the old ki blob fx, sumthing seriously has to be done about that, looks like u wacking a gold fish bole around em ^^. anywayz 2nd is the powering up fx, u gota have some electricity and bigger rocks at high pl...
  3. S

    Guyz, tell me :(.

    How come cell didn't absorb andriod 16 plz tell me :(.
  4. Tech Nique

    guess whut guyz

    teh mr smo has skinned god gundams trunks, check it out man it looks sweet aye
  5. D

    Help guyz plz hurry!!!!!!!

    Ok im not new to esf ive been playing sense it came out ok so respect me a bit. Ok i cleaned my computer completey an erased esf and my half-life but i lost my hl cd i cant find it so can i use my hl blue shiift, counter-strike, TF, or opposing force to play ESF plz help and thanks guys.
  6. B

    Sry Guyz

    KINDA DESPERATE on out wars soo no more spamming ............. lol ill probably be suspended soooo im out
  7. I

    U Guyz Know Wat Sucks???

    When a moderator Comes To Ur Topic And He Says Something Mean And U Wanna Say Something Bad Becuz They Said Something To U.o_o :] *You mean like this? well, here's how it works.... youve already been warned, and this post is enough for me to ban you for, NOONE CARES about your silly opinions...