1. I

    Guyver- my own version (worth looking)

    Lineart: kake-hama Color job: me(Ice-X:P) Might be oversharpened in some places but thats kinda what i wanted:) comments/crits please
  2. Gama

    Guyver 2

    i did this today half asleep may i add and i am happy with the outcome C&Cs welcome:
  3. R


    finished it a while ago, might aswell show it.
  4. L

    First Brush Wallpaper The Guyver

    This Is My First Brush Wallpaper, I Was Inspired By, My Sig Ofcourse :smile: Plus My Reallly Old Guyver Wallpaper, Wich I Havent Been Able To Dig Up.. I Made 3 Colour's Dark Red, Blue And Orange.. Blue: Red...
  5. L

    Guyver 3D graphics project

    Hi Im making a 3D Graphics Guyver Movie To do soo... i need a few modelers (AND SKINNERS) who r experienced in using 3DSMAX. Thx If you want to join or ask questions E-MAil me at: **edited**
  6. L

    Guyver 3D Movie

    Hi im starting a 3D Movie Project called "GUYVER" I need a few modelers (AND SKINNERS) who are experienced in using 3DSMAX Thx E-Mail: [email protected]
  7. R


    Shazam! edit: gonna fix crotch and and fingers.
  8. S

    Final Flash (yes, I'm bored)

    Something like this was requested somewhere.... It's in an early stage (in fact VERY VERY early) and I have to get around some things to have it ingame. Notice: 1) If it gets ingame it will perhaps block "a bit" of your sight. 2) The front part WILL NOT follow the FF head. 3) I will have to...
  9. DiebytheSword

    Eternal Rage art once again . . .

    This is Ligen, another character in eternal rage.

    Macro-gamer READ THIS

    About the sig, this is the only way i could contact you could you make it of an animie show called THE GUYVER, put like big pic of him at the front and have it saying "No remorse" next to the pic, but if you cant get GUYVER just put vegeta. Thanks again. p.s. you PM box is full so i cant...
  11. P

    Own anime

    heres a link on my own character which i made for my own anime just tell me whether you like it or not. Send me personal messages as well. Lata
  12. imported_Mirai_Trunks

    Guyver mod website

    Here is the addy for my Guyver mod website.. its nothing much at the moment. And i still have to update some things. but any input would be appricated. I will be updating it here shortly with a few things i finished. no models or anything juse what attacks and...
  13. imported_Mirai_Trunks

    my test model ^_^

    Heres a model i did. took me a few days. if you can, plz leave me feed back :) Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!