1. A

    error in game guru.wad cannot be loaded

    error in game guru.wad cannot be loaded\ what can i do
  2. K

    Namek.wad, Guru.wad

    Hey can some one give me a link that works to download those to missing files.. thanks in advance
  3. K


    Hey, i read in one of the forums the link given doesn't how can i get namek.wad and guru.wad?! thx in advance
  4. T

    Those wanting namek.wad and Guru.wad

    Hi guys For those wanting the namek.wad and guru.wad files but don't want to download the earlier versions of ESF (Espeically those dial-up users), here they are: Namek.wad (3.81mb) and Guru.wad (854kb) AND NOW Client.dll(1.00mb) Right click on the one you want above and...
  5. G

    Fatal error : guru.wad

    well... everytime when i join a server with the map guru on my game crashes. i've tried deleting the file and re downloading it but it keeps giving me the message... what is wrong with this ? do i need an upgrade or something ?
  6. Dokutayuu

    What is Guru.wad!

    Where can I get Guru.Wad a lot of my new maps I downloaded need it :cry:
  7. W


    Every time I try to use one of the maps, it says guru.wad (or wav) cannot be found. Any idea?
  8. C

    could not open guru.wad

    help me i keep getting this please help me, i dont know what to do about it whenever i go to a server, download the map this keeps getting there "could not open guru.wad" :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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