1. B

    is 1.3 gunna be hl2?

    is the 1.3 going to be a hl2 mod? cause it looksl it but ive heard that its not so im confused
  2. P

    Buu is gunna Eat YOU bishez!

    Sorry the Title vaigly relates to the topic... =_= First, Ive been playing ESF since about alpha 2.0 ish (remembers how there was this one clan server that was always emtpy =_=) but I really havent gotten into the forums. But anyway, I was talking to my friend Phrack50 and shouted out this...
  3. S

    canyon :O

    im prolly not gunna release it since this is my first post here (registered ALONG time ago....) anyway here are some screens [edit]what do you know 7 posts :P
  4. Big Kyle

    Perfect Frieza

    Just Seeing If Anyone Is Gunna Or Plan to Make One. Since I Havnt Seen a Frieza Request Here
  5. Big Kyle

    Modeling Questions

    Hey, Im Gunna Start, And Just ned to know What i Mainly need to Get for Modeling Thanks
  6. S

    3D Studio Max

    hi i want to makes maps and i have worldcraft but friends telled me that with 3D Studio Max its going easyer.So i thought ill use them both, but i dont know where i can find it:cry: and i have searched every site.So plz if u know please tell me! cuz thats makes me happy;) .
  7. R

    Should be the last time I work on this model

    I keep telling myself I'm gunna drop this model... but since this is my second one and it's actually kinda decent i keep working on it... This is more of an art-sy picture but it shows the model in it... It's not skinned but just has some color... I need to learn how to skin next... but here it...
  8. R

    AS good as it's gunna get

    well.. I've did the last of what I want to do with my Rikimaru... hopefully I'll learn to skin with 3DS max real quick... and that will make it look better... well here it is... I plan on buying a book to help me out with my life of modeling... For being my second model I don't think this is all...
  9. SA_Gohan

    New Char

    I was just wondering . . . , would it be okay if I modelled that character in Nighthawk's dev-journal, you know, just for fun? Or would that be like stealing or something? Thanks, bye
  10. B

    trunk, capsule corp jacket, short hair

    i´m making the model of trunk with capsule corp jacket and short hair. i´m waitin to the next version of esf because in this version you can use the sword