1. D


    i was thinking about it recently,is anyone still playing it here?well if anyone is intrested ill download it and we can do that whole thing ^_^. discuss
  2. Enix

    Gunbound - Bigfoot - [WIP]

    Well i have always liked this guy so i started a lil model of him. Since i only have some screens of him from the side view, it kinda makes it hard. I know its nothing complex but i thought i would show it. I know i got the connon wrong, i thought it was a megaman type connon, but its...
  3. NinJa HunteR


    Hi, Is gunbound good? Is it free? Thanks.
  4. G


    this is a very cool game to dl [/url][url]
  5. darknavigator

    Anyone play GunBound?

    Name: darknav Rank: Double Stone Hammer So yeh. Who else plays o_O