1. TeKNiK

    Guile 4.0

    Over the years I've modeled Guile from Street Fighter to visualize my progress, and here is the latest go. I've been stuck modeling environments for the past two months so It was definitely a nice change to model this guy. Here he is. I'll have to get back to you on the polycount Max 9 is...
  2. TeKNiK

    Texturing Guile

    Finally getting around to Texturing that guile model :). Close up /o/ Still pretty Work in Progress. Oh and the face is kinda pixely because the whole model is going on 1 512x512 skinmap thus nothing can be overly big on the map. Comments would be greatly appreciated.
  3. TeKNiK

    [wip] Guile

    I was browsing through my photobucket account and came across my old guile sig. So, I decided to model Guile :O. Put about 30 minutes into it so.. So it's obviously a Work in Progress Whatcha think?
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