1. Alteh

    Some WoW leveling guides.

    Here are some guides i've been coming across to power leveling and grinding. Top 100 mobs...
  2. C

    In-depth guides

    Is there an in-depth guide to the controls for this game? I remember there used to be a flash on the main site that told you how melee fighting was done and etc.
  3. S

    Model & Skin Tutorials & Guides

    Hey Guys, I need Model Tutorials & Guides for my new ESF Model Web-site, the web-site will contain everything from models & skins to Tutorials & guides but I've downloaded a *.pdf file (54 MB) which I can not convert to txt or html... I'd like to ask all of you to send in your tutorials &...
  4. Seph`

    Website Interface

    Hey all, I'm in the middle of designing and interface for my Myth Of Somasite, and this is what i have so far Tell me what you think and can you tell me how to get the specific areas clickable and send you to one place, defined by me. eg the "Forums" button on it would take u to the...