1. Mkilbride

    GeForce GTX 680: Kickin ass, and taking names.

    So the new 680 is out and reviews are in. This is incredible... Not only is it cheaper than the uses less power..and at stock runs faster than a OC'ed 7970 as well. It is about 80% as fast a 590, which is 2x580's. Such a leap! The thing is a beast! There was so many rumors...
  2. Punishing

    DragonBall GTX

    There is a new DB called DB GTX. Here is the link.Download and watch the first 13 Episodes and the 3 Movies. Episodes : Movies : :laff:
  3. KidMan

    x1900xtx vs GeForce 7900 GTX

    So which would you recommend and why? This would be in a normal mobo, no Sli or anything like that.
  4. |Overlord|

    Suprise! Nvidia to launch 512mb GTX No-one is surprised, surely. Will be interesting to see if it levels up the high-resolution & high AA/AF performance between the 7800GTX and the X1800... According to other sources, the core clock will be at 550 & memory clock will run at 1.7ghz...
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