1. omnomnom

    Giant Fail im really upsaet, and i need some help please >:O

    ...i followd all instuction i recieved......everything..AND I STILL DONT hAVE THE AF PACK?? WHAT THE HEK MAN?! WHAT AM I DOING???! THIS IS FRKIN ANNOYING
  2. C


    Read teh title! Saw the cat pissin thread and came up with this. Snowball FTW!!! As a kitten: Now:
  3. S

    yummeh >;o

    Just finished cooking and eating a sausage sandwich... they're damn nice, meh i like things plain so its just sausages in bread =0 what joor favourate snack/thing you like to cook that takes little effort? If you have any special recipies be sure to share :p
  4. S

    Tutorials >;o!

    well ive just been looking through ESF world, and seen the tutorials there. A nice Melee explanation done by Carnage, nice and informative teaching you all you need to know for some decent fights, and Chakra X's New Flash tutorial, which is very nicely done, well structured and pretty nice to...
  5. Eon

    The Beach >;o

    anyone remember the Christmas tree thread? Where people added images to the christmas tere? Well, since summer is approaching, everyone add pictures to... The Beach !_!
  6. J

    this is why i leave "fat" guys alone >;o

    click meh harshness >;o
  7. J

    Learning to skin >;o

    totally sucks ass, but heres the wip...
  8. lust

    t3h dbgt mod >:O

    a friend making a dbgt mod was all askin meh if it should be chibigoku-ss4 and vegeta-ss4 or should one of them go gogeta? heres what he has: BAD NEXT LEVEL GOOD NEXT LEVEL bebi - bebi vegeta...