1. Jakut

    Gunz sig >_>

    Meh i was bored c&c
  2. bapplebo

    Stable ATi Drivers + Upgrade question >.>

    My current card is crashing like a plane with a ****ty pilot. I've ruled out most reasons for this occuring, and its because of: A: Crap card make. B: Drivers (possibly). I'm using the latest drivers btw. From the official ATi site. Fixing my card is ruled out, as its over its warranty. So my...
  3. bapplebo

    Hair >_>

    HAIR TOPIC YAY! Anything you want to talk bout hair we r shall do it in here, EVEN PUBES! Well for me, currently, its a VERY dark brown, and about 2.5 inches long. I'm thinking of lemon - sun bleaching it, but I dont want it like, uber orangutan orange. How long should I leave it out for?
  4. R

    Video problems >_>

    I'm trying to watch Hellsing OVA on meh comp, and when i do, computer restarts after 3 seconds of watching! Same for Scary movie 3, and some high quality DBZ episodes! :O I really want this to be fixed, so if anyone can help me, answer ASAP ;(
  5. F

    I think i'm in deep **** >.> Help me

    Okay, so uhhhh, I don't know any other way to say this, so i'm just going to come out and ask the damn question. My girlfriend has an identical twin sister... and uh, apparently she pretended to be my girl friend, and of course I didn't know, so we kinda... you know... did stuff.... is that...
  6. F

    Leaving >__>

    I'm tired of this, certain someone, always being an ass to me for everything I do around here. *shrugs* I doubt anyone even likes me here, for the wrongs I've committed over the past few years here. Or hell, just even being my plain ol' self seems to draw people away so I'm just leaving for...
  7. I

    Crashing >.>

    When i try and play a LAN game my ESF just blacks out. Is there a way to fix this? it has been dodgey for a while but now it is really bad...
  8. suicidal_maniac

    Its been to long >_>

    Well ive made it up to suicidalsig 90, and i figured id show you guys :P So comment.
  9. S

    Activating windows >_>

    Well, last month i upgraded my motherboard, ram, and graphics card, and i had to reactivate windows, I did it once, but then something went wrong on my computer and i had to reformat, now it wont let me reactivate windows again, it says my CD key has been used too many times, ive got 7 days...
  10. G

    any body got ''Rome Total War'' >>????

    does any body got ''Rome Total War'' cuz i wana buy it and i wana no if it is worth buying it??
  11. Suh Dude

    Garra >_>

    I just made myself a new signature. Should I use this one, or the naruto one I have right now? Also, please give constructive crits, no " Oh great, another naruto signature.." or "Oh nice! It's a piece of pie! I love it than rubber nipples!" Not really looking for the "feeling" of naruto. Teh...
  12. L

    >> AMX MOD X PLUGIN >> corePowerLevel

    Hi I'm Lord-of-Destruction I'm working at the coder team of the Corona-Bytes.NET Community. This is a plugin, written for the HL-Addon AMX-MOD X and I heard a lot of people wanted it. This plugin distributes the same option that is used by our Server "The Ascend Zone" it gives the server admin...
  13. A


    Yeah.. Can somoene make me a tutorial on making a back.. Because if I do it agian w/o reading a tut (The back) I **** up big time. And I read the stickies but Ran-D's Tut helped alot, so if someone will make one can they try to make it like Ran-D's cuz it was well explained >_<
  14. A

    Uber ugly Tien W.I.P >_>

  15. Shao

    GIF Images >> WIN XP SP 2

    I've noticed that, since I've gotten Windows Service Pack 2 for XP Prof., I can't see most animated gif images or anything like that with Interent Explorer. I either see them as still images, or not at all, and I think it's because a secuirty setting is turned on. Can anyone help me find out...
  16. Rayna

    Sig for some taurus dude >_>

    So there :Þ I'm sorry I know it's Taurus2112, but I just hate those numbers after names, but course it's gonna be your sig so I'll put them in if you want :/ Anyways, obvious reason why I am posting this sig is for the C&C <_<
  17. Shao

    Dead >> Spirit Bomb

    Here's a thought: Do you think Goku can still summon energy to form a Spirit Bomb while dead? Or does he have to be alive?
  18. darknavigator

    Nav tried to brush <_< >_>

  19. Rayna

    New stuff >.>

    Well so here are three new siggies I made, the last one I just made for a friend but I liked it so I decided to post it. A Temari sig Here's one Greed siggieh :Ð This is the one I made for my friend I would LUV some C&C about these sigs, also your opinionz about if you think I...
  20. Mr. Satans

    <HELP> Server Performance >_>

    I require some help figuring out what settings I need to have for my server. Usually, I'm the one helping others with this stuff, but I need a bit of a refresher on some things. I never run more than 1 server at a time and with 8 max players. I want to know things like RATES & SYS_TICRATE...