1. Vizion

    GRRR How did I forget my pass

    Ok I MUST be a noob at everything I do cause as soon as i found out how to forward ports to my router, I forget my darn user name and pass for my router. Yes i know that was dumb. But my question is , how can i reset my user name and pass or retrieve my pass? Is there a way if not then im just...
  2. M


    How does 1 play hl2 from steam, it seems to load steam when i load hl2?
  3. )v(ajin Gogeta

    Grrr forums

    O_o whenever i go to a forum it starts from the bottom to up like the person who posted it hes at the bottom and the last person who posted is at the top is it me or is there something wrong :S
  4. Marauder

    Stream of tears

    something i wipped up :D
  5. G

    Mirroring pics

    What is a program that I can mirror pics?
  6. Packed Lunch

    mighty mask request!~

    the one wit goten and trunks and so on.. :D$!$!%
  7. H

    GRRR my transformation sounds do not work :@

    like i say my transformations do not work grrrrr this is real sucks
  8. A


    helo... i got som cuest... my inglish is verry poor. but try 2 read it :rolleyes: 1. My server always crashes why? 2. When i cap DB^s my server crashes. 3. I get calld cheater becouse i am good :\ and that S*ck 4. When is 1,1 commin out becouse this kinada suck... the game always...