1. J

    Grr why!?

    Everytime I try to join a server, the game minimizes and then when I maximize it again, the game appears all messed up. And this only occurs with ESF. All other games are fine. What is going on?
  2. M

    Could not load library client.dll! grr.

    Hello i just finished install esf to find out that it wasn't going to work. the error message said "Could not load library C:/Sierra/Counter-Strike/Esf/cl_dll/client" and then it crashed. Could someone help me please?
  3. L

    Vegeta W.I.P

    Hey this is my first poly by poly model!! CAn u post critz please aswell!More Updates soon! Update: Added head and stuff, look for ur self!
  4. DaMan

    I made a aura

    Here is what I did to Goku some kinda aura Comments and critz welcome, but no FLAMING
  5. Wangster


    well, i downloaded 1.1 like 7 times now, and avery time i got the instal error, that there is a corrupt file, and I AM GETTING SICK OF IT!!! please, can someone help?
  6. G

    Grr whats wrong?!

    Okay I know this has been asked before but what should I do, I get this message "C: \Sierra\Counter-strike\ESF\cl_dlls\client.dll" now I dont know if this would affect it but I bought the Halflife:Counterstrike cd and it doesnt come with a halflife directory, I already installed the halflife...
  7. S

    Aura model?? Anyone??

    Hey have one of you ever tried downloading the red aura from the esf aura download section at ?? Well it's nice and all but the effect that follows you is starting to irritate me! It looks to dumb. It's just a straight line that blocks half of the screen sometimes. NOw...
  8. ((ZeroVision))


    HOMO nee je moet echt je bek houde, neee bek houde:D
  9. P


  10. Daniel_the_mage


    Some one banned me for no reason why? i on irc and got banned by what looked like deverzs m8 i hate that ;(
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