1. Valeska

    grimmjaw or grimmjow ?!

    been reading the manga now for a while in bleach one of my fav chars is grimmj...a/o...w sometimes in the manga his name is spelled jAw and sometimes its jOw anyone could help me out O_o ??
  2. AmoN

    new grimmjow sig

    maybe to much empty space but... i like it... let me know if u do... *edit ..smaller one.
  3. Sonic the Vampire

    ]|[ Final Request Forum v1.1 ]|[

    I'm starting this thread over. Sorry to inconveniance anyone who had a conversation going or a model request unanswered as of yet but the thread was just too long. Feel free to re-post old requests if you need to. Same rules apply; all model/skin requests go into this thread, nowhere else...
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