1. Skyrider

    Happy birthday Gr00vy! :D

    Happy birthday, mate! :D
  2. C

    I like gravy... and gr00vy

    Yes, I challenge thee as well, gr00vster... wait, gravy and pickles! *passes out* Oh well. Fight meh, yeh filthy... lizard *pet lizard is offended* Oh, my baby... *licks lizard* You filthy sheep! *sheeps bleets in pain* Oh, my other baby... *licks sheep* *gets...
  3. S

    Gr00vy, in real life.

    I got this picture from a very reliable source ;). This is not ment to insult gr00vy (*snicker*) Just remember that, its only for some laughs. Thanks DarkSide :D.
  4. Black Raven

    Chibi Vegeta

    I was bored,so i played a bit with the scale function of the half-life model viewer,and this was the result : if you like it, i ´ll release this tomorrow. Credits: SS Vegeta for the original Vegeta Model,rescaled by me Viaolator for the skin ,reskined by me.