1. J


    I search the map gottespalast! i need please a download link! thanks (i have use the searchfunction) :(
  2. darknavigator


    Im looking for the map, anyone have it? It seems to be gone now, because its not hosted anymore.. I used the search button and got no result.
  3. samurai^Kurai


    If some searches the kink the download gottespalast here it is
  4. spyke03


    Can some plz give me a link to another site with the Gottespalast map or send me it for some reason half way through it it says lost connection O_O [email protected]
  5. M

    Map: Room of spirit and time

    Hi people I'm pretty new here , infact this is my first post i think. :) I'm Micardi, I'm a mapper and I love doing DBZ based maps. Here's something i did the last couple of days. Any suggestions,comments,ideas ?
  6. G


    Is there a person out there with a link to this map that works?!:\
  7. We$$ide

    Background esf_gottepalast?????

    is there a background for the map esf_gottespalast o_o
  8. MSF


    Hi @ all. I have a Problem i hav made a map GSF_gottespalast and when i will play the map i must open this by console. WHY??? Can someone help me please...
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