1. Viper

    Gothic 2 Multiplayer

    It is real and it does work! Enjoy!
  2. bapplebo

    Gothic 3 on Friday

    Hopefully it'll be less of a disappointment than Oblivion. Gothic 3
  3. Sicron

    Gothic III

    How many people have heard of this game? It's sorta like Oblivion but rumor has it, it will be a hell of alot better, a small preview: And damn, does this game look nearly if not better than Oblivion or not? System Requirements...
  4. TimTheEnchantor

    Gothic Romance

    People are too naive to read the description and will absolutely not even look at the photograph to really think about it. Sorry but I delete the contents of this post because if people don't sit and think before they type their opinions then it is not even worth it.
  5. VivaLaPineapple

    gothic sig

    its not 18th century gothic but it is gothic by todays standards just look at my current sig. comments and crits would be good. tell me what to add blah blah
  6. NightShade

    Make us gothic people proud :)

    Metro edit a model for me i wanted to show you all. i am very happy with it. <html> <img src=""> For a thug metro you sure do gothic well :P
  7. TimTheEnchantor

    Death Awaits..

    As always - crits are welcome
  8. Hsu

    Hellsing WP

    Ok have made a hellsing wp :P. Phobius got me into it so I decided to make this to show how much I like the show If you want to use it just say so and I will be willing to send you a bigger version of it if you need it.
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