1. S

    A goood super buu!!!!!

    is there anyone that know a good link to a good super buu??? plz help me
  2. S


    WHO HAVE LINKS GOOD MODELS EX:commando gyniu,mr satan,super piccolo,kaio,chibi gohan.....
  3. GoldSaiyan

    Random Katana

    This is just an Katana, I've made it by looking at a original Katana. And drawing it on the computer. Even though this picture sucks, I am much better with drawing pictures with the pencil. I can understand it that people will start hammering me with negative words. So hammer away :)...
  4. Vengaurd

    Electric Final Flash!

    Epedemic_Optikz has given me his permision to heavely modify his lightning Kamehameha and i now present to you, the Electric Final Flash! keep in mind that my server is crap for posting images on forums, if these two dont work youll have to go to my site(see sig) and click preview...
  5. S

    video card isnt workig goood!

    my video card is kinda ... well its ****ed up.. i cant even put it on 16 bit lol Its a ATI Radeon 4000 so if u know anything about that bug please help me
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