1. yopyop

    oh my goddess

    Malformed face (1287) normal @ (401.00, 2494.00, 3198.00) (550.00, 2494.00, 3198.00) (550.00, 2494.00, 3199.00) (401.00, 2494.00, 3199.00) Error: Malformed face normal Description: The texture alignment of a visible face is unusable how can i fix this i donno at brush 1287 is nothing...
  2. Hsu

    New WP

    This is a new wp by me. Was just playing around and came up with this. I got the pics from Oh my goddess!, I have never seen it but I liked the pics. I would like you all to tell me how I could make it better. Sorry if it load slowly but I am using boomspeed :P
  3. Ryoko

    Some Ah My Goddess wallpapers (not mine)

    Someone I know wanted comments on these wallpapers he made. They are simple, but they do look pretty good. Can you say which you like better and why please? http://members.lycos.co.uk/bartwork/galleries/wallpapers/wallpaper_belldandy1.1.jpg