1. imported_EVIL_GOKU

    Gman Sig

    well this is something that came in my mind.....well this is still a W.I.P. cuz I need to know some "fade to black" effects to use on this sig...cuz it kinda bothers me Gman's face showing in a sec.... C&C
  2. Kaination

    Who exactly is Gman? (from HL1 and HL2)

    the name explains all. WHO IS GMAN?! Post your opinions here. I seriously think he is an alien of some sort that you might end up fighyting in HL3 (the last installment from what i've heard). but we'll all have to wait and see. im just taking a wild guess. :p
  3. grOOvy

    Happy Birthday, GMan

    Hope you have a nice little double celebration (31st = bday, 1st = new year)... go make yourself a gif. :-P
  4. G

    My Update Edits

    Hey all I little Update On my Edits I will be Releasing them soon When i get permission
  5. Z

    How do i make my own sprites

    How do i make my own sprites... :warning: i have made a SSJ3 goku and will make a dragonfirst beam... but i dont now how... can sombody tell me......?! From [Team Z] - Zarp :notice:
  6. R

    Where I find skins ?

    Where i can find the gohan, krillin and buu - skin ?????? When I play the game i have grey model.......... Please Help :cry:
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