1. MinesSkylineR34

    so bored, i made a wp

    how you like them apples? :D
  2. The Noodler

    Another Quick Pic

    I just threw this together, i think it looks kool: I think the font could be better, oh well.
  3. GLOsticks R Us

    YATTA-GLO is back! YATTA!

    Hey peeps of the forums, GLO is back and with the FORUM MISFITS and a funny japanese boy band video singing their new hit "YATTA!" Anyways check both of them out and tell meh what ya think, and um.... YATTA! :shocked: -"GLO"
  4. GLOsticks R Us

    Forum Misfits New Site?!?!?!

    Yep, me and my friend been working for a site for the past days for our comic strips. Anyways feel free to visit it : FORUM MISFITS And Post your opinion and tell meh what ya think- THANKS-"GLO":shocked:
  5. GLOsticks R Us

    GLO is back with some new Comics!

    Hey peeps, I just got done doing some new comics on some events that happened at my school unch with me and my friends, hope ya get a crack out of it!:talk: ps. Gateway in the comic is refering to Gateway comps., and btw Exams suck!:tired:
  6. GLOsticks R Us

    GLO is back with some new comics!

    I just did some new comics, these actual events happend at school at lunch, meh and my friends, I represent the one in Blue... Hope you get a crack out of it:talk: . p.s. Gateway is refer to Gateway computers...:), and btw- Exams suck! -"GLO":shocked:
  7. GLOsticks R Us

    -Some of my drawing art skills!-

    HEres some of my own made up characters I did one day, tell me what ya think...... Characters are as follows- Natsu, Yugi (Left) and Gen (Right) and then M.01 is the last character... "GLO"
  8. GLOsticks R Us

    SIG artwork sketch!~look~

    I not that good at making computer generated SIGs, so I decide to draw my own with some characters of my own I made up.. whatcha think? eh? hahahah- Pimp-o-matic, Kids Love It©:p -PEACE "GLO"
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