1. Suh Dude

    Finally, something Glenn Beck and I can agree to: This man knows his math.
  2. D


    how can you upload your own avatar insted of the old esf form avatars?:cool: *edit* my bad i found out *KILL THIS THREAD*
  3. G

    Glenn's signature thread

    Instead of making new thread for each sig I ever make im going to just make this one my last sig thread that I will use over and over like everyone else. Thnx to Evil_Trunks for this sig, since my Photoshop isn't working right now. You the best! Critz?
  4. TAz00


    Well I made a new map for the Neo clan... Not much to other than there will be a link to the map on thier website sooner or later. Me and [NC]ND are testing the map for errors and such at the moment....:yes: There is 2 secret rooms, or one of them is more like a tunnel shortcut.
  5. HyperSaiyaman

    a lil' aura question...

    Where can i find this aura, please if some1 has it please tell me where can i find it i ve already search it in the forums but still cant find it so plaese i need some help:cry:
  6. G

    My first model

    Ok first off this pic isnt' the best in the world because I don't know how to take good pics w/ 3DS Max 4.2. But this is my first model ever that didn't suck. Critz?
  7. X

    esf_androids (Not Done)

    --------------------Off Topic--------------------- Well guys. Before I show off this map, just wanna say that I gotta disconnect my Internet Account. See, I aint getting any support around the house from my mother or my step brother so, I gotta go find me another job. I've only had 6 Month...
  8. Vegeta's Briefs


    Empty out your PM's!
  9. K

    Made a sig for glenn, critz?

    any critz? and for Magus if he wants it
  10. B


    I Found this one picture but but its not really mine but hey i found it and its cool if you can't see it well copy and paste this link
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