1. Skyrider

    Google Glass
  2. Theoboy

    Glass Table

    This is the first thing I've ever made in 3D Studio Max 8. What do you think about it?
  3. .Maze

    Thru Glass Swooping Bug

    Since ESF 1.2.2 i can swoop very often thru Glass. can easy repeat it, its just swoop with an long run to the glass and swoosh ou went thru it and the glass is still there without any flaws.
  4. S

    Making A Glass Box

    Hey all, i got a prob, i just decided i was gona add a glass box thats see through to one of my maps. Now i have never made a glass box b4 and does any1 know of any tuts on it or how to make it :D Ill be putting screenies up when its done and ul be mentioned in the credits too :P Cheers to...
  5. Death The Jedi

    Tree of Glass Nothing too special... I just felt like posting
  6. Suh Dude

    New Sig-Plastic Glass Sig

    How do u think? please no crit
  7. D

    how do i make glass

    how do i make glass, not brekable, but like clean so u can see thru it sry for bad english
  8. Death The Jedi

    1st wallpaper ever

    Here is the first wallpaper I've ever made, tell me what you think.
  9. B0Bmaster40000

    3d wallpapers

    heres a few wallpapers (or more appropriatly: scenes) that i made a while ago in 3dsmax. just thought i'd show them to ya, and see what you think. - twisted hall: this one, i saw a pic years ago in another 3d program that was in the helpfile, i just remade it from memory and warped it a bit...
  10. TimTheEnchantor

    A definition of art...?

    My definition of art is anything creative... Here's what I consider art: 1. stock fotos 2. photos 3. digital art(wallpaper, or anything digitally altered) 4. composites(sp?, drawings) 5. mosaics.. A good place to check out really good artists is: What's your...
  11. X

    I Found a glitch on s2k_SnakeWay_v2 | READ |

    To who ever Made this map. Its great. But please see if you can fix this problem. I am putting this up before its too late and some lame ass decides to "Cheat". But if you play as Krillin (I haven't tried it with Freiza...) And you see enemies through the window in King Kai's House. And...
  12. ZuL

    3d studio max 4 help

    I have just a few questions for ya guys: 1. How do i check how many polys there is in a model? 2. How do i animate/skin? Would be glad for online help. 3. How do i make the glass material? Thanks for your time. ZuL
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