1. TeKNiK

    Gladiator ?!

    I was browsing the Polycount forums recently and ran into a nice little SDK. So, Needing to work on my skintones, I've decided to give it a shot :P. Here's my first Work in progress Image. about 2 or 3 hours into it and a lot to go just on the head but that's all for tonight:P
  2. Rebirah

    Hl- Gladiator

    Has anyone played Gladiator before? Its still in alpha, but its still awesome if u figure out how to fix the bugs.. I know some. Check it out I'll make a dedicated server if yall want..
  3. Styles

    Trailer for Gladiator mod

    Well I was browsing moddb and saw a couple of cool mods like Fight Club and Gladiator. So I thought this looked pretty cool so tell me what u think of this vid it's about 13mb's I think.
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