1. Suh Dude

    Girls + Hot Cheetos = ?

    So a friend told me that girls that eat Hot Cheetos, make their weewee smell. I don't know if its true but I wanted to ask if anyone experienced such tragic thing or can prove its right or wrong. O_o
  2. Skyrider

    Dema****a! Powerpuff Girls Z

    Thanks to Grega for linking this to me :P
  3. -Blaze-

    OMFG Black Gohan draws girls again!!!! (WIP)

    Topic ;/ It still is not finished, but sure is better than my first girlfriend.:) Drawing is MS Paint C&C P.S. Can anyone give me tuts for drawing poses?????
  4. B

    Girls and Video Games Just Dont Mix ?

    Ok, I am a guy, but I think I know the main reason Girls/Women just don't seem to like Video Game's. The key thing is that most women don't like certain thing's and do like other's, such as most women don't like Horror Movie's or if they do they like them for the wrong reason's that being "oh I...
  5. Mr. Satans

    Fear of Girls

    This is very hilarious.
  6. E

    Girls who play ESF/are part of ESF community

    Name girls you know that are playing ESF. Me starting: I know one. These are her nicks on various forums : LSSJ ( ESF forums ) / Dragon Fighter ( EVM forums ) / BANDIT ( EvoSSJ4 forums )
  7. Jugo

    Approaching girls

    Anyone know how to approach a girl you really like or would like to meet ? the thing is that im kinda shy with girls, i just dont know what to say. Anyone know how to overcome the fear ? :\
  8. ZeroNightmare

    White Girls!

    Whiiiiiiiiite Giirrrrrrls running through my miiiiind.
  9. G


    :) I'm not trying to be a pervert but i'm looking for a girl 12-14?
  10. Suh Dude


    I know, and I know, I'm a talker today... Well, seeing alot of girls and their new style, is kinda... lame.. I don't know why they think they can get boys by showing there fatness bellys and stuff. Seriosly, c'mon, if I were a girl, I wouldn't wear a freaking tight-ass shirt, and let the...
  11. J

    Hottest guy in ESF!! Girls can vote (heck so can guys)

    ok I was bored, and thought this would be fun. to have a little 'competition' who is the cutest/hottest whatever on the forums :] *EDIT* I added the poll later on, and people can still post their pic, and i'll edit the poll so your name will be up. /*EDIT* so anyway, i'll start. here's my...
  12. Vegeta's Briefs

    MSpaint contest!

    Hey! We're having a MSPaint Contest! I have some prizes set up for the first three winner (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, in other words), and if you want them, or if you just want a little competition, then please post your entry down below. What you need to enter is an MSPaint drawing. It has to...
  13. Twilight

    Apolagy For A Friend

    I made this for a friend who I pissed off. Let me know what you think of the artwork and how youd receive it if you were the person its directed to....
  14. Baaja


    Where can i find the Building textures that are on the esf_city map
  15. dudeman

    a new dudeman figure

    comments? suggestions?
  16. Koren


    Please for the love of all that is holy does anyone have a model better then the skinnt one or the fat one i want superbuu or kid thats it please someone help me here
  17. S

    if only i had a scanner....

    then u could really c this drawing at its best.... ill try to scan it with the help of a friend with a scanner....but for now... btw, im not posting the real pic cause i want ur comments first. then ill post it. promise, just be honest
  18. T


    Dont any of you guys think about girls chi chi pan videl the hole game is guys.Come on we need some girls fighters not even dmz hase 18 no more .It would be cool to play as a hot z fighter like videl or CHI CHI well just says think about im sure it would be ok!
  19. S

    i feel so bad........

    dont ask me why i made it. i asked every person i know what their favorite cartoon was that was anime, and every one said "everything". so i just cooked this up .. :S i got bored... *edit maybe some girl who browses these forums might like it ... you can have it, i dont care...
  20. D

    Sketcher needs modle

    Hi everyone. I would like to introduce to you "Nameless Hope" its not traced but i did use a moddle. unfortunately it was a desk top pic...... wish i had a real beutiful woman to modle for me. If any girls read this who Live neer west or waco area... please let me know if you would modle for...
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