1. T

    Nagareboshi Gin

    As the title says this thread is about the anime Nagareboshi Gin. It's also known as Silver fang or hopeanuoli(if your finish). The anime is pretty old (from mid 80's), and the effects arent as great as some of those seen in bleach. None the less the battles are still pretty good, and the...
  2. GotenksOwnz

    GotenksOwnz First Artwork

    First befor you crit me this is my first real bit of art and so that why it isnt something out of this world but still crit it tho :D
  3. S

    trunks changing

    does anyone have another changing file for trunks. the file that makes him fall on the ground when hes changing to ssj.does anyone have another if so can you email it to me [email protected]