1. Plakman

    Source Spray generator

    Hello there, My question is not about esf but i have no idea where to put it. It's about making a picture working ingame in left 4 dead 2. I managed to get it working once but it's friggin killin me right now -.-" found a program to create tags but it's only for the regular half-life not...
  2. R

    texture generator. something for all 3D artists

    i found this site while browsing the web it's some sort of texture generator and i donwloaded the demo. it looks really good and takes away a lot of work. it costs 24 bucks though. (damnit why can't i have any money?..or a paypal thing nevertheless)
  3. Yazuken

    My new hyrule field leve

    Hey, i made a level based off hyrule field from zelda. Its the first map ive ever made! took me about a day and 1/2. lol. The link to download it is below! tell me what you think :) Click here to download my Hyrule field level
  4. S


    How do i make mountains and stuff with hammer. those mountains just like in esf maps. :confused:
  5. HitmanXtreme

    My first map esf_rocky(link should work now^^")

    This is my first map and i hope it's not too bad. I've made it at just one day, so don't be too expectantly. I release it today so you can download it. Here are some Screenshots: If this link also doesn't works, I can send it per ICQ or MSN
  6. dudeman

    Landscape V 1.0

    hey guys, i released 5 maps in a mappack called Landscape V1.0 the maps are: -esf_desert -esf_hill -esf_mountains -esf_river -esf_ugly esf_ugly is the most ugly map since the creation of half life!! i added it for fun... download the mappack HERE or download it at...