1. T

    C&C Generals crates

    Where did those "surprise crates" disappear from Generals ? I loved to collect them in C&C, RA, TS and RA2 ...
  2. T

    a question about CnC Generals ZH

    Do you know something about the lowest upgrade of Quad Cannon (see the picture below) ? I have taken this pic from 2nd GLA mission in Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour ... this mission's objective is to capture 3 Prince Kassad's strongholds ...
  3. T.G._Cid


    Well T.G._Cid is back and I should be more active now for those of u who remember me. Well I wanna know who is ur favorite general and side in CnC Generals: Zero Hour For me its Dr. Thrax and GLA. I love chemicals and there nasty efficts. GLA is , in my opinion a little harder to play as unit...
  4. D

    CNC generals zero hour?

    anyone play this game yet??? should i get it? whats new?? i saw battle ships but can you really use them? is there naval battles now or is it just like the carpet bomber where you can only use it on missions?
  5. [SAS]Orion

    C&C: Generals Fun!

    Well, me and ryoko had a fun game of generals :) I managed to take some screenies for you, mass nukage inside! I missed the one where We nuked our entire army tho o_O My angry angry mod o.O What happens the get nuked?