1. Prozac

    General forum related question.

    This might be my imagination, but still, I'd like to it confirmed, or denied. When I first joined this forum things were pretty straightforward. Making a insultive, spammy or just plain useless thread/post got you a "warning" and/or possibly a close. These days it seems like post and...
  2. omnomnom

    This is General Chat Discuss
  3. R

    How to avoid spam messages in general yahoo chat room?

    I want to make friendship with other countries people, but when I entered in general chat room, so many spam messages are coming, and sometimes they call to private room. How to avoid these spam messages. It's really irritating me, please help.
  4. H

    How do you chat in the trade or general discussion chats in World of Warcraft?

    Ok, I know how to chat in the guild chat, in the party chat, and I know how to say something where what you say appears over your head. But how do you talk to other players using just "general" chat or "trade" chat?
  5. Gohan Ssj

    Kinda off tupic in general

    I started watching Dragonball Z again, and came across the episode where the Elder Kai releases Gohan's inner strength, he then tells him that he cannot transform into a super Saiyan anymore, and he really doesn't need to, because his mystic powers are much stronger then a super Saiyan. So why...
  6. S

    general noob question

    I know this question is really noobish question to ask, but i can't find the answer any where. The question is how do transform when just by yourself. I've seen this done in youtube videos and i would like to know because I wanted to put up some of my own videos for viewers to see. Sorry for the...
  7. VideoJinx

    General Melee Thoughts

    What does everyone think about having a melee with "styles". For example, Goku using punches/kicks would have one fighting style .. while Piccolo had another like.. muy thai for example( Not that this style would be in dbz ) Would people enjoy fighting styles if it didn't restrict a...
  8. M

    General Gran Turismo Question

    I decided to start up Gran Turismo 3 a few days ago. Out of the affordable cars to pick from at the start of the game, I went with the PT Cruiser since it has the highest horse power out of the other crappy cars you can buy. I bought a number of parts to beef up the horse power, two weight...
  9. Warlord Kentax

    General Pace to the Game (Game doesn't accurately depict DBZ battles)

    I like quick paced games, and I think that quick paced is very good for a DBZ game because DBZ has always (when there is actual fighting going on) quick (not so much in story progression, but the fight itself. Lots of stuff happening all in the same fight). What I don't understand is why do...
  10. bapplebo

    General Bass Playing

    Felt inspired by Hash's video to post something less dirty and more noob. Try to enjoy, i know it's lame, but I have a headache and i couldn't be bothered getting my pick out for certain songs. Also played some guitar solos. i think, can't remember.
  11. SA_Gohan

    my dominance general

    Cgchat and polycount are running a cross forum challenge called the Dominance war. The goal is to make a general that would fight in this war and kick everyone elses arses, and this is the start of my entry. I call her Maeden Vii ^^ [possible color scheme] I have to apologize for...
  12. Y

    Good General Ideas

    I had only a quick look on all the topics and i could not find one the had this, so, after reading 30 suggestions i came up with some things the would be cool to add: 1- Buu and Cell could absorve people but instead of changing its form it would only give a boost to the exp, but of course it...
  13. SailorAlea

    General Naruto Discussion[No Spoilers]

    This thread is for GENERAL Naruto discussion, regarding both the anime and manga. Spoilers are permitted if you make the text visible ONLY when highlighted. Discussion of new episodes that come out weekly should be discussed not here, but in following thread...
  14. clen

    General Grievous Model

    Ok, I drew some refs to make a general grievous model but my scanner isn't working :p so I had to just take a picture with my camera but the quality isn't good so i was thinking if someone could fix them.... Heres the link...
  15. M

    General Grievous Finaly!!

    Finaly!!! worked my ass on this one :laff: General Grievous Muhahahah!!! Sheet is allowed to use in anything...but aslong credits :) c&c please!!! realy plz!!!
  16. owa

    Half-Life 2 Flaws in general.

    Seeing as they don't like the whole discussing of flaws in the other thread, we'll talk about the games flaws in general. My personal view is that the game DOES have glitches/proplems, but no more then any other game. The proplems are just magnified due to the large number of people playing...
  17. T

    Zero hour favorite general ?

    the title says it all. My vote goes to "Prince Kassad"
  18. G

    General random 1.2 melee question

    Sorry if this has already been discussed, I know you forum admins are like Vegeta when it comes to closing posts :) Just a simple question, when characters are thowing their punches and kicks, will there be sound effects for the character thrusting their arms and legs in the air hitting the...
  19. R

    General, yet largely annoying error!

    This isn't completely ESF related, but some since it happens to ESF now too! I'll explain. When I run a new game, depending on the game, my computer sometimes reboots when I change a level, or exit the game. A few examples: Serious Sam: When my render mode is set to OpenGL my computer...
  20. We$$ide

    fire a general beam while holding a dragonball

    I think you should fire a general beam while holding a dragonball so you can beamjump(so you dont have to walk or fly:p) and attack with it , and you can defend yourself with a ps, what do you guys think of it?